Axe-Wielding Man Sets Fires At Apartment Complex Leads Authorities On Chase In Stolen Vehicle, Police Say

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A Houston-area man wielding an axe took police on a car chase after allegedly attempting to set a fire at an apartment complex, police say.

A call came in around 11 p.m. Sunday about a break-in at the Everwood Apartments leasing office, ABC 13 reported. The unidentified man had allegedly started multiple fires and was carrying around an axe, police said.

The man was allegedly using the axe to vandalize parts of the leasing office. (RELATED: Shooting Leads To Police Car Chase In New York City)

“He’s using the pick-axe to hit on the floor,” fire responders said on an emergency call, ABC 13 reported. “He’s just now raising it up. I can’t see what he’s trying to swing at.”

“OK, he has it to the side, standing up,” the responders continued. “Get ready, I think he’s going to try to jump out of this window. Watch your crossfire.”

Police told the outlet that when they arrived the man jumped out of a window and stole a Nassau Bay Fire Department SUV. Then a chase ensued.

Eventually, the man attempted to ditch the vehicle near the Gulf Freeway and evaded cops on foot, police said. He was arrested after police pursued him on foot, according to ABC13.

It’s unclear what charges he will face.