DNC Chair Says Party Image Is Tarnished, Wants To ‘Battle The Damage To The Democratic Brand’

(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Nathalie Voit Contributor
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Democratic National Committee Chair Jamie Harrison says the Democratic party image is tarnished and that Democrats must do more to win back working-class voters and grow their base, The Daily Beast reported Monday.

“It’s not even just with Republicans, the Democrat brand with some of the folks who are core at the base of our party is not the greatest,” Harrison told Molly Jong-Fast in an episode of “The New Abnormal,” the Daily Beast’s podcast feed.

“I experienced it on my own race, Lindsey [Graham] and his crew of dark money effectively labeled me as somebody who believed in defunding the police,” Harrison said, describing Republican efforts to pin him with the radical wing of the party. “My grandfather on my stepfather’s side was in the Detroit police department for 40 years. So I don’t believe in that.” (RELATED: ‘Stop Sloganeering’: Clyburn Says ‘Defund The Police’ Cost Jamie Harrison In Race To Unseat Lindsey Graham)

Harrison added that Democrats must “battle the damage to the Democratic brand” and redouble their efforts on revamping the party’s image. He also said they must appeal to rural, red-state America, places where the Democratic Party has lost touch with working-class citizens.

“We have to take credit and claim the things that we will have gotten done over the course of this next two years. We’re going to do a lot for rural America. The American Rescue Plan has so much in there for rural communities across this country. And it will have a huge benefit, this infrastructure plan, when we get this done. The broadband component in it alone will totally transform rural America,” Harrison shared on the show.