Actress Debra Messing Tried To Take On Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. Sinema Responded With Three Words

Photographer: Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema responded Monday to a Debra Messing tweet where she asked the Senator if there was something she’d like to “tell the Democratic party.”

Messing tweeted a screenshot that appeared to show the Senator had liked an article titled “Why very early signs are good for the GOP in 2022.” In addition to the picture she tweeted, “is there something you’d like to tell the Democratic Party?”

“Yes. I read.” Sinema tweeted in response.

Many on Twitter responded to Sinema, demanding answers about why the Senator does not support abolishing the filibuster or “a living wage increase.”

One said Sinema would “never win over Republican voters.”

While others threatened to vote her out of office if she continued such behavior.

Sinema recently voted against a $15 per hour minimum wage increase by making a “thumbs down” sign during her vote in the Senate Chamber. Sinema has also said she will not support eliminating the filibuster.