Meghan McCain Says She’s Not Shocked By Matt Gaetz Allegations: ‘Any Moron Can Get Elected To Congress’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Monday she was not shocked by the sex allegations against Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Arguing that “any moron can get elected to Congress,” McCain said there had “always been weird rumors” where Gaetz was concerned. (RELATED: CNN’s Dana Bash Says She ‘Can’t Repeat’ On TV The Texts She’s Received From Republicans About Matt Gaetz)


McCain responded to the claims — that Gaetz had been sexually involved with a 17-year-old and had shared nude photos of women he said he’d slept with to colleagues on the House floor — by saying she wasn’t particularly surprised.

“Well, any moron can get elected to Congress, to Sara’s question,” McCain began. “Some of the dumbest people in the history of American history are in Congress, and some of them currently. There have always been weird rumors about Matt Gaetz on Capitol Hill … He’s always had a weird reputation. I’m not surprised by this. I’m actually not.”

McCain went on to say that what stood out to her was Gaetz’s voting record, specifically with regard to an anti-sex trafficking bill. “What’s particularly gross is he’s the only congressman to vote against an anti-sex trafficking bill that was on the floor of the Congress last year,” she said.

McCain concluded that Gaetz should resign — but she also called out several others she said were not being held to account .

“He should certainly resign in the same way that I think Cuomo should resign,” McCain said. “I think Eric Swalwell, who has been accused and hasn’t denied sleeping with a Chinese spy should be removed from the Intelligence Committee, and I don’t understand why that’s not a bigger scandal for Democrats.”

McCain went on to chastise her cohosts on “The View,” naming Sara Haines specifically, for laughing at former CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin when he was caught masturbating on a Zoom meeting, adding, “It’s a violation for all women no matter the context. It’s particularly disgusting and vile given that Matt Gaetz is on the floor of Congress showing it to people.”