‘I’m Sorry If Politicians Are Scared Of Teacher’s Unions’: Joe Scarborough Goes Off On School Re-Opening Pushback

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said Monday that it is time to “follow the science” and get all the schools open.

“Enough is enough,” Scarborough said, arguing that if officials were truly following the science, “every school should be opened in America.” (RELATED: ‘Open The Damn Schools’: Joe Scarborough Says Trump Critics Are Now The Ones ‘Not Following Science’)


MSNBC’s Charlie Sykes joined Scarborough to discuss the situation, warning that re-opening everything too soon would cause more problems.

“Let’s not spike the football on the three yard line,” he said.

“The clock is ticking, but we’re not on the three-yard line as it pertains to schools,” Scarborough replied, noting that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts had said weeks ago that it was time to get children back in schools and it was safe to do so.

“I’m sorry if politicians are scared of teacher’s unions. I really am,” Scarborough continued. “If you’re that weak that you’re not going to do what’s in the best interest of children after Anthony Fauci is telling you to open up the schools, I feel sorry for you, because you need to do what’s in the kids’ best interests.”

Scarborough then said Easter of 2021 — when nearly one in three Americans had already received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine — was a very different scene than Easter of 2020, “when Donald Trump was recklessly saying open the country.”

“We have made great advances over the last year. We understand what causes COVID and what doesn’t cause COVID,” Scarborough said. “Enough is enough. Follow science. That’s what we were saying when we were criticizing Donald Trump. That’s what we’re saying now. Follow the science and if you follow the science, every school should be opened in America.”