Improve Circulation And Increase Flexibility With This Heated Leg Massage Sleeve

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Whether you’ve started a new workout regimen, stand for long hours at work, or could simply use some better circulation in your legs, a good massage can work wonders. And while frequent trips to your masseuse are greatly appreciated, they can really do a number on your wallet.

Just because you don’t want to fork up the dough for massages each month doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to give your muscles some tender love and care. And that’s where the Thrive Heat Compression Leg Massager Sleeve comes into play.

From the comfort of your own couch, bed, or wherever, you can greatly benefit from air compression therapy, improving circulation and flexibility, providing vein support in your legs, and fastening recovery times. Whether you suffer from aching calves or some tired, screaming feet, this state-of-the-art compression massager can give you much-needed relief and improve the condition of your legs over time.

Designed to work with a wide range of comfort levels, the Thrive Heat Compression Leg Massager Sleeve gives you access to six different massage modes, varying intensity levels, and three heating options; all of which can be viewed on the device’s easy-to-read LCD screen. You’ll even see how much battery life is left on the sleeve so that you know when it’s time to charge.

Check out the awesome reviews the compression sleeve has received online!

“Most definitely great for circulation and other things and it is so comfortable even just to relax and watch rev after a long day at work.” — Aud & Del

“I find that using the device has reduced various aches and tenderness I had in my feet, calves, and thighs. I enjoy using the “relax” and “auto” modes the most.” — Shelby L.

“This product helps a lot. Love the heat function with the press that pump up the blood. Use it even during my work from home time.” — Shi Ting Chung

Right now, the Thrive Heat Compression Leg Massager Sleeve is just $76.99 (reg. $87.99) when you use the code THRIVE11 at check-out.

Prices subject to change.


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