Kim Kardashian Officially Makes The Forbes Billionaire List

(Photo by Mike Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times)

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Forbes named reality TV star Kim Kardashian a billionaire in its latest World’s Billionaires list.

Forbes estimated Kardashian’s net worth at $1 billion, up from $780 million in October. The business magazine credited Kardashian’s two businesses, KKW Beauty and Skims, for pushing her towards billionaire status. Other contributing factors included endorsement deals, money from reality television and some small investments, the outlet reported.

Kardashian first launched KKW Beauty in 2017 and largely used social media marketing to sell her products. Kardashian sold 20% of KKW Beauty to Coty Inc. for $200 million, leaving the business valued at $1 billion. Coty Inc. also bought a majority stake in Kardashian’s sister’s company in 2019. (RELATED: Kim Kardashian Almost A Billionaire After Selling Stake In Beauty Company)

Skims, Kardashian’s shapewear company, is estimated to be valued at $500 million, which would make Kardashian’s stake in the company worth $225 million, Forbes reported.

The rest of Kardashian’s net worth comes from cash and investments, including real estate, the outlet reported.

“Not bad for a girl with no talent,” Kardashian tweeted the first time she made the Forbes cover in 2016, according to Forbes.

It truly isn’t. Everyone loves to hate on the Kardashian family and everything they do, but they sure do know how to make money and run businesses. I’d love for Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, to write a book. I’m convinced this is all her doing.