Upgrade Your Home Security With This Camera And Sensor Bundle On Sale

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Home security comes at a premium these days, despite the fact that more people are staying at home as a result of the pandemic. Packages are getting swiped from hallways and porches on the regular, and the increase in remote workers and children out of school has led to many people being away about the entry points of their homes. If you, too, want to have peace of mind and feel extra safe, there’s no better investment than a quality home security system, like the WK101 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera & N100 Smart Security Sensor Kit.

This bundle from Kami features everything you need to upgrade home security. The camera delivers a real-time view of your home in 1080p resolution, along with a panoramic 140-degree view, 2-way audio, and accurate push alerts for optimal surveillance. But the real draw is the N100 Smart Security Sensor, which lets you monitor your home better thanks to its 65ft reach from the Security Base Station. Place them on your home’s entry and other crucial points of your space, and you’ll receive accurate notifications if motion, human, or pets are detected. You even have the option to enable siren alerts and push notifications in the event that your home is surrounded by a suspected thief or intruder.

With this deal, you’ll even get a free 6-month, 7-day cloud service via Kami or the YI Home app, allowing you to keep all your footages safe and encrypted. Tech Crunch said it best: “Overall, though, the new Kami outdoor camera provides solid performance at this price.”

For a limited time, you can get your hands on this home security bundle on sale for only $114.99—39 percent off the usual $189.

Prices subject to change.


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