‘Only Diseased People Think Like This’: Tucker Carlson Lays Into United Airlines ‘Equity’ Policy

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed United Airlines on Wednesday night for their new “equity” policy that put in place diversity quotas for hiring airplane pilots.

United Airlines announced Tuesday that they plan to have half of the 5,000 pilots that they train in the next ten years be women or people of color. Carlson criticized the move, calling United Airlines “a combination of a hyperaggressive corporate H.R. department and a left-wing political action committee.”

The Fox News host said that the only thing that matters is keeping people safe on an airplane, and diversity quotas do nothing to make people safer. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Tears In To Arkansas Governor: ‘You Have Come Out Publicly As Pro-Choice On The Question Of Chemical Castration Of Children’)


“An airline pilot transports hundreds of people at a time in a thin-walled metal tube going nearly 600 miles an hour 35,000 feet off the ground,” he said. “Flying a commercial airliner is dangerous, like performing heart surgery, no matter how many times you’ve done it, it’s inherently high-stakes. People die if you screw up.”

“In the airline business, as in medicine, not killing people is all that matters,” Carlson continued. “So how will racial and gender quotas make United Airlines safer? That’s the only question that matters.”

He said that the company’s top concern is now identity politics, not safety.

Many politicians don’t fly on public airlines, Carlson said. Instead, they use a private jet company called NetJets, which has safety as the first requirement for pilots on their website and has no mention of race or gender. He said people like Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry wouldn’t call for racial quotas for NetJets pilots because their families fly on those airplanes.

United wants to replace the pilots that they have because they are the wrong skin color, he added.

“Only diseased people think like this,” Carlson said. “Imagine if we applied the same standard to other professions, how about professional sports?” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Thinks A New Poll Shows Americans Are ‘Enslaved’)

People would rightfully condemn any policy from professional sports that mandated more white players, he pointed out, but “by the logic of identity politics, it has to happen.”

“That’s the whole problem with this way of thinking, this diseased way of thinking. You do not want to live in a completely racialized country, where a person’s genetics are the most important thing about them. Where you are reduced to your DNA, dehumanized. But that’s exactly the society they are creating.”