‘You Are Playing With The Enemy And You Are Killing Americans’: Greg Gutfeld Flames Companies Doing Business With China

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld lashed out Wednesday at anyone who continued to do business with China, saying that they were “playing with the enemy.”

Gutfeld argued during a segment of “The Five” that it was no different than doing business with former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin after World War II ended. (RELATED: ‘That Is Not The Story’: Greg Gutfeld Rebukes Juan Williams For Making WaPo Correction About Trump)


Cohost Pete Hegseth began by asking Gutfeld both about corporations going “woke” and the battle — being fought mostly by Republicans — to enact voter identification laws across the country.

“They are fighting on two fronts. They are fighting the Democratic Party and the media,” Gutfeld said with regard to voter identification.

“The reason why there is wokism in corporations is because they saw what happened over the summer and this is their way of protecting themselves from any kind of damage directed at them,” Gutfeld continued, adding that many were pulling out all the stops in an effort to avoid being call racists and being attacked by the Twitter mobs.

“They loved the Jim Crow laws,” Gutfeld said, arguing that the major difference between the current laws and the original Jim Crow laws was that Democrats supported the latter.

He went on to argue that woke priorities were interfering with logic, saying that photo IDs are “worse than slave labor and genocide” and labeled “racist” because the story was framed as if white people were the only ones supporting such laws. But then he noted that talking about slave labor or genocide in China was also considered “racist” because it was another country.

“You must be racist when you call out the injustices over there,” he said.

“We are at war with China. But it’s a new war. It’s the future war. It’s data theft. It’s currency manipulation, it’s artificial intelligence, it’s spying. It’s tech theft. Of course, it’s fentanyl, they’re killing 60 — 50,000 Americans a year with their fentanyl,” Gutfeld concluded. “Anyone doing business with China is no different than doing business with Stalin after World War II. You are playing with the enemy and you are killing Americans. Every day you are killing them.”