Teacher Stashed Condom In Shoe, Paid $200 To Molest 2-Year-Old Girl


Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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A public elementary school teacher who was arrested April 1 for attempting to solicit a two-year-old child allegedly offered $200 so he could molest the child, numerous sources reported.

Xavier Alexander, 27, is reportedly facing felony charges of soliciting sex with a minor and traveling to meet a minor for sex. He was a fourth-grade teacher at Grove Park Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, before being fired after police reports showed Alexander allegedly paid to sexually molest the two-year-old child, the Associated Press (AP) reported Tuesday.

A police report showed that a 39-year-old father posted a Craigslist ad on March 26 in search of someone to split a motel room with him, according to the AP. The man reportedly mentioned he had a two-year-old daughter, and requested that no “weirdos” or drug users inquire about the offer.

An unknown phone number reportedly began messaging the father, and asked: “Would I ever be alone with your daughter?” The father told the man he wouldn’t be, and the man said he would look elsewhere. (RELATED: Fourth-Grade Teacher In Florida Arrested For Soliciting Sex With Two-Year Old, Police Say)

The father contacted the police after the exchange, and police began impersonating the father in messages to the unknown phone number. They told the messenger that he could be alone with the child if he paid for two nights at the motel, which would cost $200, the AP reported.

Alexander allegedly appeared at the motel with $200 after the message exchange with police, and reportedly had a condom stashed in his shoe. 

Alexander admitted to sending the texts and said he had a sexual addiction, according to the AP. 

He allegedly said he had never molested a child before. Alexander has no previous criminal history in Palm Beach County, court records showed, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Alexander also advertised on and other nanny websites as a babysitter, according to the Miami Herald. He reportedly said on his page that he has been working with children for more than 10 years in ministries and clubs. He also said he could take care of up to three children between the ages of seven months and seven years old, according to the Miami Herald.

The Palm Beach County School District said the accusations are not related to any incident involving students at the school, according to the Palm Beach Post. The district said parents and families were notified and are being offered support services, according to the AP.

Alexander is reportedly being held on $1 million bail at the Palm Beach County jail.

The same day as Alexander’s arrest, a former West Virginia middle school teacher was arrested after police say they found several thousand images of child pornography on his Facebook account. Earlier in the week, a teacher at a public middle school in Maryland was charged with ten counts of child pornography, and a high school custodian in Maine was accused of hiding in a ceiling to film girls changing their clothes.