Superstar Musician Brandi Carlile Reveals She Almost Had An Accidental Drug Overdose

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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Musician Brandi Carlile revealed she almost had an overdose once when she mistook Xanax pills for steroids.

Carlile opened up about the incident in an interview published Wednesday by People magazine.

“I had a problem. And the problem is that I thought that sedating myself was normal,” Carlile told the outlet. “The way I traveled and the way I navigated this country was with the help of a lot of sleep aids. All my friends were doing that to sleep on tour buses and on planes so they could get up and go to the radio stations. No one told me that it wasn’t normal or that accidents can happen.”

Carlile explained the moment from 2018 in her newly-released memoir “Broken Horses.”

“I suddenly realized with a shot of adrenaline and shame that I was staring down at six Xanax that I was about to pop into my mouth and go back to sleep,” Carlile said in her memoir, according to People. “I don’t know if I would have ever woken up.”

“Just a tired mom alone in a hotel room afraid to let anyone down and wanting the show to go on,” she reportedly added. “I will always think about that before I pass judgment on a person who’s had a drug overdose.”

Carlile, a Grammy-award winning artist, told People magazine that these issues are “hard to talk about” and “embarrassing.”

“These things are weird, complicated, hard to talk about, embarrassing and a really big part of being a musician and touring,” Carlile said.