‘Me After Seven Mimosas’: Woman Loses Teeth After Booze-Fueled Stunt

(Screenshot: Twitter/fernvndooo)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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A woman’s viral TikTok video showed the aftermath of a booze-fueled stunt that resulted in the loss of several teeth, according to Fox News.

TikTok user Autumncathey6 posted a video on the popular social media app where she and her fellow drinkers said how many mimosas they had consumed, according to the report. The video has nearly four million views.

“This is me after two mimosas,” one person said.

“This is me after seven mimosas,” Autumncathey6 said. Another male drinker admitted to having eight mimosas.

The video then cut outside to a parking lot and showed Autumncathey6 sitting atop the shoulders of the man who admittedly drank eight mimosas.

“Oh s—, she’s getting on his shoulders,” said the man filming. (RELATED: Steven Crowder’s Latest Video Has The Internet Going Absolutely Ballistic)

The video proceeded to show the young woman sitting in a car with a bloody mouth and several missing front teeth. One person can be heard saying, “Smile, babe!”

Twitter user Fernvdoo, who uploaded the viral video to Twitter Tuesday, posted a screenshot reportedly from Autumncathey6 saying she got her teeth glued back in.

“I’m fine!! they put the teeth right back in and put glue across my whole upper row of teeth,” she reportedly said.