EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s All A Marketing Game’: Cruz Torches Democrats’ Infrastructure Bill Spending

(Daily Caller)

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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Democrats are trying to shove through unrelated expenditures within the infrastructure bill.

‘The Democratic game plan right now is not that complicated, they pick popular labels and then they try to jam in all of their left-wing priorities under those misleading, but popular, labels,” Cruz told the Daily Caller’s White House correspondent Anders Hagstrom.


“It’s all a marketing game, we’re seeing Democrats tweeting how healthcare in infrastructure, child care is infrastructure, everything they want to spend money in is infrastructure and they’re just trying to engage in deceptive marketing.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Calls Out Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, Says It’s A Green New Deal, Reparations Bill)

A White House press release shows the infrastructure package allocates $600 billion to improve roads, bridges and public transit, but also includes funding for other issues such as climate change and “long-standing and persistent racial justice.”

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