This Versatile Grill And Smoker Will Have You Cooking Outside All Season

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Spring is here and summer is on the way, which means it’s time for plenty of outdoor cooking. And you won’t find anything as versatile and convenient as this Costway outdoor BBQ and smoker. You’ll enjoy easy outdoor cooking with this durable grill, made from durable steel that will never rust and provide you with years of service.

But this is much more than a grill. It has an attached steel firebox to reduce the amount of smoking and to offset the heat. It also has a convenient side shelf to hold your food and cooking tools while you are preparing the meal.

The shelf is a really valuable feature for a portable grill. Not all of your food needs the same amount of time on the grill, so it gives you a place to keep the faster cooking items before putting them in or after taking them out without having to run back and forth to your kitchen. It’s also a great place to lay your tongs or other cooking tools you’ll use throughout the grill.

The entire grill weighs about 30 pounds, and thanks to two convenient wheels, you can easily move it around your yard. Keep it out among your guests while you’re cooking, then roll it under cover when you’re done in case of rain. It also features a bottom shelf, which is a great place to store items you’ll need for any grill.

The top of the grill includes a thermometer to help you monitor what you’re cooking, and the sides feature wood handles to allow you to open and close the lid without fear of touching the hot steel.

This outdoor grill/smoker is a perfect fit for any yard, patio, or large balcony, and with Costway, you know you’re getting a quality product. Normally priced at $209, this grill can be yours for a limited time for the low price of $139.99, a 33 percent savings.

Prices subject to change.


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