If You’re Trying To Get In Shape, This Discounted Fitness Watch Is A Must-Have

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As flowers bloom and temperatures slowly creep up, thinking about squeezing into that bathing suit from last summer is enough to have you wishing for winter again. But instead of entering a new fitness routine blindly, monitoring your progress can do wonders for your success, which is why more and more people are relying on fitness watches, like this one by FIT TIMEZ, to help them reach their goals.


Whether you’re counting calories or trying to walk more, this FIT TIMEZ Multifunction Fitness Watch makes tracking things easier than ever. That’s because it helps you monitor what’s going on in your body to help you get the most out of your workouts and find a regimen that works for you. As you keep tabs on your heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level, you can literally customize your workout plan to work with your current physical state.

And while you’re busting your butt running, biking, or practicing yoga, you can easily keep track of how many calories you’re burning or steps your taking, helping you to keep up with the progress you’re making. And thanks to its sleek, lightweight design, it never gets in the way of your workouts, and you can activate anything with just the tap of a finger.

In addition to its stellar fitness tracking and health monitoring capabilities, the FIT TIMEZ fitness watch also serves as a substitute for your smart devices that you can’t necessarily hold in your hand as you work out, run errands, and whatnot. With the tap of a finger, you can view texts, receive social media alerts, set alarm reminders, and so much more.

And unlike many other fitness watches out there, this gadget doesn’t take hours to charge. In fact, it boasts a USB direct charging design, providing a quick charge that can last up to seven continuous days.

For a limited time, the FIT TIMEZ Multifunction Fitness Watch is over half off its regular price, making it a cool $39.99 down from $90 bucks!

Prices subject to change.


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