This Robot Law Mower Is Changing Lives, And It’s Nearly 15% Off!

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According to this National Association of Realtors report, a home with high curb appeal is likely to sell for an average of 7% more than similar homes with a less appealing exterior. And even if your house isn’t on the market, a beautiful lawn can really make an impression on anyone driving or walking through your neighborhood.

A well-mowed lawn is essential to quality curb appeal, but getting the job done isn’t always pleasant — unless you have the magic of a robot mower, that is. Believe it or not, the days of pushing a lawnmower under the hot sun are over thanks to the innovative MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower, capable of keeping your grass beautiful while you sit idly by, sipping on a cold one.

This automated lawn mower is the real deal. Not only does it run on a highly efficient, 2,900 RPM brushless motor, but it also cuts like a dream thanks to its razor-sharp blades. And unlike other lawnmowers you’ve used in the past, this bad boy gets its power from a 4Ah 28V battery, which means you never have to fuss with oil, gas, or dangerous extension cords.

Without having to lift a finger, the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower gives your grass a fresh cut whenever and however you tell it to. Thanks to its simple interface, you can easily schedule mowing sessions with the tap of a finger. And if you’re worried about this robot mower losing control and going rogue, don’t be. With its auto-stop safety feature, it automatically backs up when it comes across any obstructions or large objects.

From its ultra-quiet operation to its eco-friendly design, there’s a lot to love about the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower. Just read some of the awesome online reviews for yourself!

“After the first few initial mows, which left my lawn with strange mowing patterns, my lawn now looks healthy and beautiful with no mowing lines… It is super quiet and so eco-friendly, 100 times better than a manual gas powered mower and I love it.” — Redbeard2020

“We have had our MowRo for just over a month and are loving it! My kids have named him Rover and consider him our family pet now. He wakes up every morning at 10 and cuts our front grass nice and low just like we want it. Rover is very easy to use, safe around kids, and easy to just set and forget. My front yard has never looked so tidy!” — Dhdewkes

“Set up was very easy using the perimeter wire supplied. I cut the lawn short first and set the mower loose and watched the first mow. It cuts the lawn very evenly and performed as I expected. Set it and Forget it! This thing is saving me so much time- I LOVE IT! Highly recommended.” — PAF

For a limited time, you can get the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower at 14% off, making it just $849.99 down from $1,000 bucks!

Prices subject to change.


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