‘Politics Is Downstream From A Thesaurus’: Greg Gutfeld And Katie Pavlich Say Owning The Language Is Owning The Narrative

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Greg Gutfeld and Katie Pavlich argued Monday that owning the language meant owning the narrative — and that often translated to winning on policy.

Gutfeld and Pavlich joined “The Five” cohosts Dana Perino, Jesse Watters and Jessica Tarlov to discuss Democratic efforts to rebrand the term “infrastructure” to encompass a much broader array of issues, from broadband internet to elder care, in President Joe Biden’s new infrastructure plan. (RELATED: ‘You Are Playing With The Enemy And You Are Killing Americans’: Greg Gutfeld Flames Companies Doing Business With China)


Gutfeld began the segment with a swipe at the infrastructure bill’s price tag, saying that it was going to bankrupt future generations. “What about the children?” he asked.

Tarlov argued that there was a lot in the bill that would benefit children, providing care for those who were still stuck at home instead of in school and for adults who were caring for their aging parents.

“There is so much in here that, by the way, is poll tested,” Tarlov continued. “And that’s what Joe Biden has been doing all along. He is doing well and getting support from Democrats, Republicans, and independents because he is doing popular things. And fixing lead pipes is popular, and making sure that parents can work and take care of their kids is also popular.”

Gutfeld pushed back, saying that the infrastructure plan sounded more like a budget. “It sounds like a parallel budget, it’s like hey, you know what? We have a budget and now we will do another — this isn’t a stimulus package, it is actually an entire self-contained new budget for a parallel America,” he said.

“You are correct and things are usually popular until, like with a budget, you have to figure out how to pay for it,” Pavlich pointed out, saying that the Biden administration had lowered the threshold for possible tax increases after promising not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. (RELATED: Katie Pavlich Ties ABC’s Epstein Cover-Up To Clintons, Stephanopoulos)

“I remember when global warming became unpopular because the science was showing that things were getting colder in some places so they changed it to climate change,” Pavlich continued. “The left knows that if you own the language, you win the argument and then you ultimately win the policy position which is what they are doing on infrastructure.”

“I think you are right, politics is downstream from a thesaurus,” Gutfeld agreed.