Sen. Warnock Admits To Signing Email With Fake Info About Georgia Voting Law

(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

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Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock signed an email sent out by a liberal advocacy group which contained misinformation on the recently passed Georgia voting law, a Monday report shows.

Warnock signed off an email by the 3.14 Action advocacy group that made several incorrect claims about the bill signed into law Mar. 25, the Washington Post reported. The Post listed Warnock’s criticism of the bill among many other “exaggerated or wrong” claims made by Democrats and CEO’s.

Elimination of no-excuse mail voting and restriction of early voting on the weekends were among the erroneous characterizations that the email attributed to the SB 202 bill.

The senator’s campaign spokesperson reportedly told Fox News that Warnock approved the text of the email at a time when these provisions were still being considered. (RELATED: ‘There Is No Rational Basis’: Georgia Official Says He Won’t Enforce New Voting Law)

Neither provision, however, got incorporated into the bill’s final version, despite what the 3.14 Action statement appeared to assert, according to Fox News.

The bill has previously come under attack from large corporations including Coca-Cola, Delta, Microsoft and Citibank. The Major League Baseball (MLB) has pulled its 2021 All Star Game out of Atlanta as a boycott against the bill.

President Joe Biden previously characterized the bill as a “new Jim Crow.”

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp appeared Mar. 31 on CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” where he dispelled the most popular fallacies surrounding the SB 202 bill.

“If they want to have a debate about the merits and the facts of the bill, then we should do that,” Kemp said at the time.