‘A Disaster In The Making’: Lindsey Graham Rips Biden Admin Over Afghanistan Withdrawal

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized President Joe Biden over reports that American troops would leave Afghanistan by September.

Calling the plan a “disaster in the making,” Graham added that it was “so irresponsible, it makes the Biden Administration policies at the border look sound.” (RELATED: Sen. Graham Says Biden’s Border Policies Are The ‘Biggest Super Spreader’ For COVID-19)

In his full statement on the matter, Graham noted that he had also been critical of former President Donald Trump when he had set a hard date for all troops to leave Afghanistan.

“President Trump kept a residual force, but he did set a hard withdrawal date, which I thought was a very bad, ill-conceived policy,” Graham said.

Graham went on to add that he found it ironic that the Biden administration would make such a move — which he felt could pave the way for another, similar attack — on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

“All of America’s allies were willing to stay if we were willing to stay,” Graham concluded. “To announce a full withdrawal sends an incredible sign of weakness to adversaries like al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, China, Russia and Iran.”