‘Cause It’s None Of Your F*cking Business’: Greg Gutfeld Torches Brian Stelter On Vaccination-Selfie Criticism

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld lashed out Monday at Brian Stelter over the CNN host’s claim that more Fox News personalities should broadcast their vaccinations.

“It’s none of your fucking business!” Gutfeld said. (RELATED: ‘Where Are Tucker And Sean Hannity?’: Brian Stelter Complains About Fox News’ Lack Of Vaccine Selfies)

Stelter noted on his show that a number of anchors and personalities from other networks had spoken at length about their own anxieties about the coronavirus vaccine as well as the importance of getting it — and pointed out that the hosts of NBC’s “The TODAY Show” had even gotten vaccinated as a group on the air.

“Why do you think we haven’t seen the biggest stars on Fox News get vaccinated or show us their vaccine selfies?” Stelter asked.


“Holy shit. So virtue signaling includes telling people to virtue signal,” Gutfeld responded. “OK, Brian, I’ll bite. Why haven’t we made a vanity display of our vax status? It’s none of your fucking business. And if Brian … believes personal medical info should be publicized, he can start with his cholesterol.”

Gutfeld went on to suggest that Stelter was not himself the epitome of health, saying he was “overweight.”

“The World Obesity Federation found risk of death from COVID-19 is 10 times higher in countries where population is overweight,” Gutfeld said. “And he’s accusing us about setting a healthy example? That’s as rich as the frosting on his morning strudel. If he wants to do a fitness battle of the network stars, count me in — unless it’s a pie-eating contest.”

“Last week I called CNN the shame network. All they do is look down at Americans,” Gutfeld concluded. He added that CNN is “pro peer pressure” and further said that Stelter’s key argument for Fox News personalities going public with their vaccines was that “everybody else is doing it.”

“You know what else other people doing? Thirty minutes of cardio,” Gutfeld said. “Actually, saying you should do it because other people are doing it isn’t what I would call wisdom. That’s what your worst friend from grade school says. It’s how Bob Lawson get me to eat slugs. That, and they were delicious. I got my shot, and there’s a reason you didn’t see it. Not everything has to be made for TV.”