Dana Perino Mocks Puff Piece On Kamala Harris Crocheting: ‘George Bush Should’ve Put Dick Cheney In Charge Of The Knitting Circle’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino mocked a puff piece on Vice President Kamala Harris that focused primarily on her crocheting.

Perino referenced the piece — published Monday in The Washington Post and titled “Vice President Harris is making her mark on the Washington-area crochet scene” — and suggested Wednesday that former President George W. Bush might have gotten more friendly press coverage if he had put former Vice President Dick Cheney in charge of a knitting circle. (RELATED: ‘She Knows This Is A Mess’: Chris Wallace Says VP Harris May Not ‘Want Her Fingerprints’ On Border Crisis)


Perino began by saying that she believed every American president from George Washington to the present had faced some sort of immigration issue. She then pivoted to address the fact that Harris—despite being appointed by President Joe Biden to lead the response to the U.S.-Mexico border crisis—had only just announced a plan to visit with leaders in Mexico and Guatemala, and had not visited the southern border.

“I do think with Kamala Harris, it’s very interesting, most vice presidents do anything to try to find some sort of substantive issue that they can hold on to so that they could actually be in the news, but this time it’s like whoa, whoa, like backing up,” Perino said. “She doesn’t necessarily want to take it all on.”

Perino said she believed it could be good for Harris’ political career—and perhaps for the country as well—to tackle the border crisis head-on. (RELATED: Steve Scalise Says VP Harris Is MIA At The Border, So He Put Her Face On A Milk Carton)

“The Washington Post did this puff piece on her, it was this feature story about how she is crocheting and how amazing it is,” Perino added. “It makes me think that George Bush should’ve put Dick Cheney in charge of the knitting circle instead of the Energy Task Force. That might have given us some better press.”