‘Sh*tshow’: Dancers Twerk In Unison To Celebrate New Battleship For Australian Navy

(Screenshot. Twitter Video. Luke Rudkowski @Lukewearechange)

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A group of Australian politicians and military officers sat speechless Saturday as seven scantily clad dancers twerked to celebrate the commissioning of a $2 billion Navy ship in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, The Guardian reported.

The women, who sported black booty shorts, red crop tops and berets, twerked in a choreographed routine in front of senior officers of the Royal Australian Navy, including Vice Admiral Michael Noonan and General David Hurley, The Guardian reported. General Angus Campbell, who is the Australian Army’s Chief of Defense Force, also attended HMAS Supply (A195) commissioning. (RELATED: Does Cardi B’s ‘Twerk’ Video Really Empower Women? I Think Not [VIDEO])

“A question worth pondering: what would Horatio Nelson think of this shitshow?” an anonymous government attendee at the commissioning told ABC.

“We’ve got the CDF, we’ve got members of Parliament there, and the Governor-General’s there, I don’t think it’s appropriate to be twerking,” former soldier and Liberal MP Phillip Thompson told ABC. “Standards in the ADF, and definitely when commissioning a ship, should be a little bit higher than that.”

It’s not clear if the Navy paid for the dancers, according to The Guardian.