‘Get The F**k Out Of Here!’: Video Shows CNN Staffer Almost Knocked Clean Out At BLM Protest

Screenshot: Twitter/ Nic Rowan)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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Protestors at the Brooklyn Center Police District in Minnesota chased away a CNN camera crew as the state braces for the fourth night of violent protests in the wake of the death of Daunte Wright.

A CNN camera crew member is seen on video getting hit in the face with a water bottle, visibly stunned and stumbling to the ground.

“Do we have a medic? Do we have a medic?” a bystander asked after the man was hit. The stunned CNN crew member responded saying, “I’m fine. It’s all good people. No worries. All good.”

Moments later, a large group of protestors followed CNN reporter Miguel Marquez and his crew member, telling them to “get the f*** out of here.”

The CNN crew member who was hit minutes before told the large group of protestors following him and Marquez, “We’re leaving. We don’t want any trouble.”

Their car was then hit with multiple water bottles and eggs as they drove off, video shows. (RELATED: Officer Who Shot And Killed Daunte Wright Was 26-Year-Veteran, Was Involved In Another Fatal Police Shooting In 2019)

Protests at Brooklyn Center started Sunday night after 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed by officer Kim Potter. The 26-year veteran of the force was charged Wednesday with second-degree manslaughter and has resigned from the police force.