Police Are Now Looking For Florida Driver That Jumped Rising Drawbridge

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot WSVN 7 News)

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Police are now searching for the driver of a vehicle caught on camera jumping a rising drawbridge in Daytona Beach.

The driver of the vehicle was caught on camera during the jump, which occurred early Monday morning, reported WSVN 7 News. Police believe they have identified the driver and plan to press charges, according to the outlet.

The driver drove through the crossing arm and made it across the drawbridge before it fully opened up. The car even caught a little bit of air on the jump, but not much. (RELATED: 2 Men Dead After Trying To Jump Over Drawbridge With Car, Police Say)


This is absolutely hilarious. I guess I could see why this would get you in trouble with the police, but honestly it’s kind of awesome. It’s definitely dangerous, but nobody got hurt.

The driver’s windshield is damaged as well, according to WESH 2 News.

I’m sure police won’t be letting this guy off easy.

After a quick Google search, this has apparently happened before in Florida. Honestly, Floridians are crazy, so I’m not surprised.