‘Slipping Into Hacktastic Irrelevancy’: Dagen McDowell Says No One Is Waiting For Fauci’s Permission To Go Out

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Dagen McDowell said Thursday that no one was waiting around for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s permission to leave the house.

McDowell joined Fox News’ “The Five” to discuss an explosive exchange between Fauci and Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan during a Coronavirus Select Committee hearing. She argued that Fauci was doing whatever he could to hang onto the fame and power that he accrued throughout the pandemic. (RELATED: ‘Respect The Chair And Shut Your Mouth’: Maxine Waters Interrupts Tense Exchange With Dr. Fauci To Scold Jim Jordan)


Co-host Dana Perino began the segment with a clip showing Jordan arguing with Fauci and then with Democratic South Carolina Rep. and Committee Chair James Clyburn, prompting Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters to tell Jordan, “You need to respect the Chair and shut your mouth!”

Perino said that it was no wonder Congress had a low approval rating, adding, “I mean, wow. It’s a race to the bottom and one of them is going to win it.”

“Everybody loves to hear themselves talk, don’t they?” McDowell agreed. “There is nobody waiting around for Tony Fauci to tell them it’s okay to go out and eat in a restaurant. Well, maybe there are a few people who have Fauci altars in their basement and are busy watching CNN.”

McDowell went on to argue that people who had been vaccinated should feel free to go out to a restaurant if they wanted to do so.

“But this is — these are people, look at Tony Fauci, he is quickly slipping into hacktastic irrelevancy. He will do anything to hang on to the attention and the power and the fame he gained,” she added.

“He couldn’t answer the question because the members were going after each other,” Perino noted.

McDowell said that it might be a good thing that Fauci had not been able to answer, adding, “I don’t think that Fauci has read the room. I don’t think he has paid attention to what’s going on in the country. Little old ladies who have been vaccinated in my building, they don’t even wear a mask anymore and they just do this V for victory. V for vaccine.”