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EDITORIAL: Movies With Secret (And Not-So-Secret) Conservative Values

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Despite Hollywood’s overwhelmingly progressive agenda, there are many great movies that have secret and not-so-secret conservative values, including some of the all-time classic films.

The Hunger Games

Let’s start things off with the “Hunger Games” franchise. The first movie from 2012 warns about the dangers of letting one elite power have control over its citizens, in a country of people that at one time believed in freedom. Individual liberties are suppressed in part by an annual game called the “Hunger Games” in which the citizens of the 12 districts must sacrifice two of their young ones in order to live their lives “freely.” (RELATED: Jennifer Lawrence Overcame Her Fear Of Nudity For ‘Red Sparrow’)

Star Wars


Groundhog Day

Blast from the Past

Gran Torino

Knocked Up

It’s a Wonderful Life