Police Stop Using Tear Gas, Drench Demonstrators In Pepper Spray On Fourth Consecutive Night Of Unrest In Minnesota

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Lisa Bennatan Contributor
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Hundreds of protesters gathered for the fourth consecutive night of unrest outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota following the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright. Earlier in the day, Kim Potter, the former police officer who shot Daunte Wright, was charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Both the protesters and law enforcement modified their tactics from previous nights.

Protesters came equipped with wooden barricades, many more umbrellas, and bear mace. (RELATED: Officer Kim Potter Arrested For Second-Degree Manslaughter In Shooting Of Daunte Wright)

National Guard and police did not use any tear gas, likely trying to avoid disturbing the residents who live in nearby apartments.

Instead, National Guard employed far more pepper spray than on previous nights, and continued to utilize pepper balls and rubber bullets as they tried to disperse the crowd.

After law enforcement flanked the crowd around 10:00 p.m., they were able to clear the demonstrators and their barricades within minutes.

Twenty-four people were arrested, according to the Star Tribune.