Bodycam Footage Captures Moment Man Is Fatally Shot In Hospital After Scuffle With Police


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An Ohio man was fatally shot at a hospital on Monday after he got into a scuffle with officers over a handgun, newly released bodycam footage shows.

Miles Jackson, 27, was fatally shot at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville Monday by officers from Westerville and Columbus, according to NBC News.

Bodycam footage shows officers help Jackson get into an ambulance to be taken in for evaluation. Jackson appears to be disoriented.

Police had been called to the hospital around 12:15 because Jackson was identified as a “wanted subject” for domestic violence weapons charges, according to 10 WBNS. (RELATED: Graphic Footage Of Officer Fatally Shooting 13-Year-Old Released)

Subsequent bodycam footage shows Jackson laying in a hospital bed before initially complying with Officers Andrew Howe and Ryan Krichbaum, who begin to check Jackson for any items he may have on him. The officers were identified by 10 WBNS.

One officer first find a bullet in Jackson’s pocket, video footage shows.

“Uh oh, Got a little bullet action. Don’t see people carrying those around every day,” the officer can be heard saying.

The officer then also find multiple cards which allegedly had different names on them.

As officers continue to check Jackson, Kirchbaum (identified by 10 WBNS) can be heard saying “Get his arms behind his back right now” after they fund a gun hiding in Jackson’s pants. Officers immediately move to restrain Jackson, who had one of his arms hiding under his stomach as he lays face down on the bed. Officers can be heard telling Jackson to give them his arm.

“I’m going to comply man,” Jackson can be heard saying as one officer tases Jackson, who immediately falls to the ground.

Jackson’s arm appears to reach for something, although it is unclear what he was reaching for. An officer can be heard shouting “let go!”

As the struggle ensues a gunshot can be heard going off, with an officer later heard on camera saying Jackson’s gun fired the shot. The officer whose bodycam footage is rolling can then be seen apparently firing a shot toward Jackson as the officer with the taser scurries into the hallway.

“Why would you do that bro,” Jackson can be heard saying as he lays on the floor. Another officer can then be heard telling Jackson to put the gun down as Jackson wails.

More officers arrive on scene and tell Jackson repeatedly to drop the gun Jackson tells officers he did but bodycam footage is obscured and does not show Jackson at this point. An officer then tells Jackson to put his hands up.

“My hands is up, sir,” Jackson can be heard saying.

One of Jackson’s hands can be seen up in the air momentarily before officers instruct Jackson to put his other hand up. Jackson tells police they “twisted” his arm. Officers continue to scream for Jackson to put both of his hands up as Jackson asks officers to calm down.

Officers can be heard telling Jackson to put his right hand up.

“I’m just scared if I move y’all are gonna shoot me,” Jackson can be heard saying.

As Jackson and the officers go back and forth, bodycam footage from a female officer who was standing outside of the hospital room shows the female officer tase Jackson.

It appears that one officer said Jackson picked his gun up, and a  barrage of bullets immediately goes off for a few seconds before an officer says cease fire. It remains unclear from the video whether Jackson had returned fire.

Initial investigations by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation confirmed Jackson was armed with a gun and did fire shots, according to 10 WBNS.