Rick Scott Warns ‘Woke Corporate Leaders’ Of ‘Massive Backlash’ In Midterms

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Varun Hukeri General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott warned “woke corporate leaders” opposed to Georgia’s election law they will face “massive backlash” during the 2022 midterm elections in an op-ed Monday.

“You will rue the day when it hits you. That day is November 8, 2022. That is the day Republicans will take back the Senate and the House. It will be a day of reckoning,” Scott wrote in the Fox Business op-ed, framed as an open letter to “Woke Corporate America.”

Scott, who also chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, further warned corporate leaders that campaign contributions to candidates would not help them and Republicans would “make corporate welfare a thing of the past.”

“There will be no number of well-connected lobbyists you can hire to save you. There will be no amount of donations you can make that will save you. There will be nowhere for you to hide,” he wrote.

A number of major companies including Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola and Citibank voiced their opposition to Georgia’s election law, which Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed in late March. Major League Baseball (MLB) announced the All-Star Game would be moved out of Atlanta in protest.

Democrats including President Joe Biden and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams compared the law to Jim Crow and claimed the measure amounted to voter suppression. (RELATED: Georgia’s New Voting Law — Myths And Facts)

Scott is the latest Republican lawmaker to push back against corporations over Georgia’s election law. Several of his Senate colleagues introduced legislation on April 14 that would end the MLB’s antitrust exemption. At the state level, Georgia Republicans had threatened to strip Delta Airlines of a $35 million tax break.

The Florida senator also noted in his op-ed that many “woke” corporations are linked to supply chains in China that reportedly rely on the forced labor of Uyghurs from Xinjiang.

“Make as much money off of slave labor in Communist China as you can now. Keep telling your customers how racist and sexist and unsophisticated they are,” Scott wrote. “The backlash is coming.”