Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Lights Up The Internet After Sharing Photo Featuring ‘F*ck Off’ Ring

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Melanie Zanona https://twitter.com/MZanona/status/1383881855708012545)

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Democratic Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema lit up the internet Sunday when she shared a photo of herself apparently sipping on sangria and wearing a ring that read “Fuck Off.”

Sinema received backlash over this iconic photo because the internet has no sense of humor.

Blue check marks took to Twitter to air their grievances against Sinema per usual.

“You want a $15 minimum wage? You want universal healthcare? You want a federal jobs guarantee? You want monthly survival checks? Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who can actually do something about it, wants you to F*ck Off,” Jen Perelman wrote on Twitter.

Brianna Westbrook called Sinema’s photo “intentional” and “shameful.” (RELATED: Sens. Romney And Sinema Working On Bipartisan Bill To Raise Minimum Wage)

“Sen. Sinema thinks the fuck off ring is a witty way to send a message to the people upset at her actions,” Westbrook wrote. “The reality, the fuck off ring is a gut punch to the people that worked their ass off to elect her.”

“Neoliberal imperialists Kyrsten Sinema vote to make workers poorer while fans praise her goofy fashion,” Ben Norton wrote.

“[P]oliticians are just TV characters.”

I’m wondering why it took everyone this long to figure out that politicians are “just TV characters.” They’ve always been TV characters and the most successful have always figured out the best way to lean into it.

So, we should get ready for the ride because Sinema seems like she’s already decided to lean in.

I personally enjoy the way Sinema has chosen to express herself through fashion. It’s something more of us should do.