This Tabletop Ice Shaver Is A Summertime Must-Have, And It’s Half Off!

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As the weather begins to warm up, it’s a great time to finally enjoy the fresh air in the backyard or on your patio. But if you’re planning to have people over this summer, an ample amount of ice is always necessary to have on hand, as it fills your drinks, keeps things chilled in the cooler, and so much more.

Standard ice cubes are great and all, but they’re hardly versatile. That’s why no summertime gathering is complete with this tabletop Costway Electric Stainless Steel Ice Crusher and Shaver Machine. With just the click of a button, you can get an entire tub of perfectly crushed or shaved ice, ideal for beverages, coolers, ice packs, and beyond.

Unlike the ice maker you may have in your fridge, this machine is made for summertime parties, get-togethers, and general outdoor hangouts. That’s because it’s compact enough to sit on top of any table, bar, or whatever else, accessible by whoever’s around it. And thanks to its portable, easy-to-carry design, you can take it with you on camping trips, boat excursions, and more.

Capable of crushing a whopping 30 pounds of ice per hour, this device changes the way you host parties. Never again will you have to run back and forth to the kitchen, crushing ice one single cup at a time. And with its chute and funnel system, you can easily pop in some ice and grab whatever amount you need within seconds after it’s made.

If you’re worried about introducing another complicated device to your summertime routine, don’t be. This ice-crushing machine is incredibly easy to use. Simply use the on and off toggle to get things going, and let the machine do the rest! Plus, it’s certified safe, and durable and is a cinch to clean.

Ready to enjoy an endless amount of delicious crushed ice this summer? Now’s the perfect time since the Professional Tabletop Costway Electric Stainless Steel Ice Crusher Shaver Maker Machine is half-off its regular price at just $99 bucks!

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