Brian Kemp Warns About ‘Bogus Political Fight’ Surrounding Georgia Boycotts: ‘They’re Coming For Your Small Business Next’

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signaled a warning to other states Wednesday over what he called a “bogus political fight” surrounding the Georgia boycotts.

“They’re coming for your small businesses next,” Kemp predicted to the rest of the country while appearing on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” where he also blasted critics of Georgia’s new election law. (RELATED: ‘Brian Kemp Is A Liar’: Former GOP Rep. David Jolly Claims Georgia’s Governor Is Misleading People On Election Law)

Host Harris Faulkner began the segment by talking about Republican criticism of Stacey Abrams and other Democrats over their rhetoric surrounding Georgia’s new election law, which they’ve compared to Jim Crow laws. She then played a clip of Republican Utah Rep. Burgess Owens defending the law, saying that Democrats were actually the ones who are racist for assuming black people can’t get an I.D. to vote, like “every other race, every other culture does.” Faulkner then asked Kemp for his thoughts.

“Labeling a committee hearing in the United States Senate ‘Jim Crow’ is outrageous quite honestly, and then for the president, and a lot of the Democratic senators, to tie our elections bill to that is even more just unbelievable,” Kemp responded, referencing the title of the hearing: “Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault on the Right to Vote.”

“They need to quit lying to the people of our state, and the people of the United States. Focus on their own states, like Delaware, and New York, and New Jersey, that have more restrictive laws than we do, and leave Georgia alone,” Kemp continued. “Our bill makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat, and by the way, we’ve been giving free voter IDs away since the mid-2000s.”

Faulkner then played a clip of Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley calling the “organized campaign” to boycott  and “punish” the people of Georgia “economic terrorism,” before asking for Kemp’s response.

“People around the country need to be ready. They’re coming for your small business next. They’re coming for your state, they’re coming for your ball game, for your way of wife,” Kemp answered. “Stacey Abrams can’t have it both ways. She’s been pressuring Major League Baseball, these groups that quite honestly, she’s profiting off of, that are pressuring major corporations to support their cause, give them millions of dollars, and then they’re hurting the same individuals that she acts like she’s fighting for.

“People in Georgia are not that stupid, quite honestly,” Kemp concluded. “We’re talking about hard working Georgians out there that are just trying to make a living and support their family. They don’t want to be involved in this bogus political fight.”