EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Here’s How Minneapolis Reacted To The Derek Chauvin Verdict

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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(MINNEAPOLIS, MN)—Protesters briefly celebrated as they learned that the jury found former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd on Tuesday—but that celebration quickly turned to more protesting.

Hundreds of eager and nervous protesters gathered in a park next to the Hennepin County courthouse upon hearing the jury had reached a verdict, awaiting the announcement after 11 hours of jury deliberations. As the judge took his seat, the park became silent.

“GUILTY!” one man in the crowd shouted after hearing the news.

The verdict prompted cheers and screams from every angle. Some protesters began breaking down, crying from the decision. Others began dancing and hugging, and the celebrations soon moved to the streets, where loudspeakers propped up in a truck played music for the crowd.


After brief celebrations, the scene changed. Hundreds took to the street to march, alternating between chants of “CHAUVIN: GUILTY” and speeches that declared the movement far from over.

“So today, what did we see? We saw Derek Chauvin GUILTY!” one woman speaking to the march declared. “On all charges! Now, did we get justice? Is justice over? Are we gonna go home and say, pat ourselves on the back, and say ‘good job?’ We got three more to put in jail! We got three more!”

Throughout the day, the celebrations and protests remained peaceful in the city, eventually disassembling after the group marched back to the courthouse. As night took over, the scene shifted to the area around Cup Foods, where George Floyd died. (RELATED: MSNBC Analyst Is Absolutely Outraged That He Got Exactly The Verdict He Wanted)

This area is a no–cop zone. Dubbed by protesters as “George Floyd Square,” it’s been largely shut down since his death. A defunct gas station now serves as a meeting center for protesters. In the colder months, fire pits burn to keep those stationed there warm.

It spans a few blocks, and the businesses there are largely shut down. Cup Foods, however, remains open, with its big, bolded red sign highlighting an area memorializing Floyd’s death. Nearby, another memorial surrounding a giant fist – the Black Lives Matter symbol – sits in the middle of the road.


“George Floyd Square” filled with hundreds of overjoyed people Tuesday evening. Crowds blasted music at the gas station, keeping themselves warm with dancing and the fire pits. Fireworks occasionally shot up into the sky. Others walked around the memorial areas, silently taking in the scenes.

“Justice for George Floyd. Justice served?” a sign at the gas station read as the crowd continued to party.

Eventually, the music stopped. The jubilant crowd was told to disperse for the evening, and celebrations in Minneapolis appeared to slow down before midnight.