Jason Whitlock: ‘LeBron James’ Is Using ‘Racial Division’ To ‘Reshape America’ Like ‘Communist China’

(Twitter/Screenshot/Public User: House GOP Judiciary)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Sports journalist Jason Whitlock tweeted Wednesday that “LeBron James” is using “racial division” to “reshape America” more like “communist China.”

“LeBron James, like other elites, is using racial division as a distraction as elites reshape America to be more like communist China,” the sportscaster wrote on social media. (RELATED: ‘What They’re Doing Is Very Divisive’: Jason Whitlock Blasts Kneeing Players)

“Elites prefer communism,” he claimed. “Millionaire elites are protected by communism. They’re the ‘Talented Tenth’ W.E.B. Du Bois promoted. You’re being played.”

“Du Bois = communist elite,” Whitlock continued in a second tweet. “Communism = hostile to all religion. Communism makes it nearly impossible to rise above your birth class. Maybe you’ll hit genetics lottery and become a pro athlete… Democracy-capitalism-freedom-America more class elevation than any other country.” (RELATED: Bodycam Footage Reveals ‘Unarmed’ Victim Of Police Shooting Was Actually Attacking Woman With A Knife)

Whitlock claimed that what the U.S. is “experiencing isn’t a racial conflict” but that “race is being used to divide and fool the 90% of us” who “foolishly” have come to take “American freedom for granted.”

“The elites are imposing rigged communist system,” Whitlock argued in a third post. “I come from nothing. Only in America. #DonKingWasRight.”

The Los Angeles Lakers star had tweeted out a picture of Officer Nicholas Reardon, the Ohio cop who shot Ma’Khia Bryant as she swung a knife at another woman. (RELATED: LeBron James Says He Doesn’t ‘Condone Violence Towards Anyone, Police, Black People, White People’)

LeBron James Deleted Tweet (Photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Public-User: LeBron James)

LeBron James Deleted Tweet (Photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Public-User: LeBron James)

“YOU’RE NEXT,” the professional basketball star tweeted to his millions of followers, along with a picture of Reardon. “#ACCOUNTABILITY.” He has since deleted the post, but the screenshot can be seen above.