The Raiders Won’t Delete ‘I Can Breathe’ Tweet After Overwhelming Backlash

(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Las Vegas Raiders have no plans to delete an insane tweet sent after Derek Chauvin’s conviction.

Following Chauvin being convicted on two murder charges and a manslaughter charge for the death of George Floyd, the Raiders thought it was a great idea to tweet “I Can Breathe.” (RELATED: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of Murder In Death Of George Floyd)

As of right now, the tweet has been quote tweeted nearly 80,000 times, and the reactions are just as brutal as you’d expect.

In case you thought the tweet was coming down, it’s not. According to Tashan Reed, owner Mark Davis told the media that the tweet isn’t coming down, but that it might get unpinned.

Absolutely incredible response from Davis. You honestly almost have to respect the fact that the Raiders are getting torched and he won’t delete the tweet.

At this point, he’s dug in and he’s not going anywhere. I really do hate to say it, but you do have to respect it to a degree.

Not sending the tweet was the best option on the table. Immediately deleting it was the second best option. Davis went his own way with choosing to let it run its course.

What a wild past 12 hours for the Raiders. Sometimes, it’s okay to just put the phone down and walk away. Not every thought in your head needs to be said, and Mark Davis could learn that lesson.