Dashcam Footage Shows Terrifying 48-Car Pileup In Wisconsin, Fatality Confirmed


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Extreme weather conditions and freezing temperatures resulted in a massive 48-car pileup Wednesday in Washington County, Wisconsin, where six were injured and one died.

The largest among 20 crashes recorded that day on I-41, the pileup involved 48 vehicles, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. The incident was captured on one of the motorists dashcam.


A 37-year-old woman of Trenton, Tennessee, died from the sustained injuries, and six others had to be hospitalized, WDJT-TV reported.

Substantial traffic delays ensued after the massive crash in what the first responders described as “whiteout” conditions, according to WITI. A number of wrecked vehicles needed to be removed until the road could be reopened. (RELATED: Icy Road Conditions Lead To 100-Car Pileup Near Fort Worth, Fatalities Confirmed)

“The visibility just wasn’t there and I was behind that semi. So all of a sudden, you could kind of make out the other cars in the ditch,” said Van Aacken, whose Tesla’s dashcam captured the terrifying pileup, according to WITI. “I’m used to the drive, but that’s the worst I’ve ever driven through. I was definitely shaking.”

“The Wisconsin State Patrol is investigating another multi-vehicle chain reaction crash on I41 north of STH 144,” the Wednesday statement by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office reads.