New Footage Of Fatal Columbus Shooting Released

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A new video captures 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant lunging at two girls before being fatally shot by police.

Footage captured from a security camera on neighbor Donavon Brinson’s home shows Bryant running from the backyard on Tuesday in pursuit of another female, reported The Columbus Dispatch. Audio from the video captures screaming before Bryant appears to shove a female to the ground.


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Responding officer Nicholas Reardon arrives on scene and immediately can be seen walking toward Bryant and the female who was knocked over. As Reardon gets closer, Bryant can be seen lunging toward another girl in pink holding a knife.

An unidentified individual can also be seen in the footage apparently kicking the female on the ground, who Bryant initially went after. (RELATED: Media Ran With Early Reports On The Columbus Shooting Only To Be Wrong)

Reardon is then caught on camera fatally shooting Bryant just as she appears to be about to stab the intended victim.

The intended victim was caught on bodycam footage later telling another officer that Bryant “f*cking came at me with a knife,” and that Reardon had to shoot Bryant because she “came after me.”