Social Media App Launches ‘Anti-Racism Notification’ To Police ‘Harmful’ Phrases Like ‘All Lives Matter’


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Nextdoor, a social media app devoted to “bringing neighbors together,” announced that the company is introducing a feature to police racist speech on the platform.

“We are rolling out the anti-racism notification to prevent language that could be offensive or hurtful to people of all backgrounds,” the app announced on its website, specifically targeting the phrases “all lives matter” and “blue lives matter.”

A 40-second video on YouTube showed how the notification would work, depicting a user typing, “Why just black lives? I believe all lives matter.”

A notification pops up, saying, “The phrase ‘all lives matter’ could be harmful to people of color.” The user depicted in the video then changes their response. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: LeBron James Urged Caution When Tweeting Against China)

On their blog post announcing the new feature, the app stated, “As a reminder, All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter content is explicitly prohibited on Nextdoor when used to undermine racial equality or the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“Nextdoor exists to foster these important conversations in a civil, respectful way. To that end, we have provided tips to talk about race along with a comprehensive anti-racism resource hub if you would like to learn more and take action,” the app continued.

The Nextdoor app introduced a “Kindness Reminder” in 2019 to encourage people to not use “offensive language” and claimed it cut conduct that was not civil by 30 percent.