‘They Are Telling You Don’t Believe Your Own Eyes’: Vince Coglianese Slams The Media’s Spin On Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting

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Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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Daily Caller editorial director and WMAL radio host Vince Coglianese joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Thursday to discuss how activists and corporate media figures are spinning the officer-related death of Ma’Khia Bryant.

“This is the ultimate test. They are telling you ‘don’t believe your own eyes.’” Coglianese began, referring to media figures and Democratic activists. Bryant, 16, was caught on camera swinging a knife at another girl before a police officer shot and killed her.

“The most amazing thing about this story is, they don’t come out, the left doesn’t come out and, like, conceded that they were wrong and said ‘well the visual evidence shows that this was totally justified,’” Coglianese continued. “They don’t point to the fact that black lives were actually saved by the police officer, that the people who made the phone call to the police were black, asking to be saved from an imminent stabbing.”

During a Wednesday appearance on CNN, Cornell Brooks, a former president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) compared the attempted stabbing to a “schoolyard fight.”

“Now, the party which constantly says that you, as a legal gun owner, can’t have a rifle, is now saying that the world we need to live in is one in which people can stab each other without any sort of consequence in a country where, every year, 1,000 more people die of knife stabbings than they do of rifle killings,” Coglianese noted. (RELATED: Inside How The Media Creates Its Narratives)

“This is what they’re endorsing because, again, it’s not actually about lives, it’s not about saving anyone, it’s not about preventing anything, it’s about empowering themselves,” Coglianese went on to say. “They think if they can inflame racial tensions, boy that’s going to create more power for them.”

“I think that’s exactly right. But, it’s also kind of a rorschach blot,” Carlson responded, “you watch that tape, everyone is horrified by it because a little girl dies. I mean, that’s awful. On the other hand, you also see a little girl saved from getting killed, because she doesn’t get stabbed because the cop prevents the stabbing. And, if you’re a normal person and you’re not some creepy, diseased racist, you don’t really care what color they are. You see children.”

Carlson added, “You wonder, like, how did this girl get so screwed up that she tries to stab the other girl, and thank god the girl is still alive, et cetera. You have normal human thoughts. But, if you’re the race lead at MSNBC or Valerie Jarrett, all you see as a way to divide the country along skin color.”