‘A Socialist Version Of Bad Grandpa’: Greg Gutfeld Says Joe Biden Is Giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Everything She Wants

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Monday that President Joe Biden was like “a socialist version of bad grandpa.”

Gutfeld summed up Biden’s first 100 days in office on Fox News’ “The Five,” saying that the president had given Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez everything she wanted. (RELATED: ‘Excuse Me?’: Greg Gutfeld Blows Up At Ted Williams For Suggesting He Was ‘Off His Meds’)


Cohost Dana Perino began the segment with a clip of Ocasio-Cortez talking about Biden’s performance thus far.

“President Biden has definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had,” Ocasio-Cortez said, adding that Biden’s willingness to work with progressives had been impressive. “You know, I will be frank, I think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration.”

Perino then pivoted to a comment from NBC’s Chuck Todd, who appeared to suggest that Biden’s approval rating should be graded on a curve.

“Any time you are over 50 in this polarized environment that’s really solid. It’s sort of the new 60% of the way when you and I grew up in the 80s and ‘90s,” Todd said.

“First off, what a dork. To actually look at percentage of polling like 53% is the new 60%. If somebody ever said that at a bar, you would throw them out,” Gutfeld said. “Look, he should be at 90% right now. He has the wind and a fawning press at his back and he can barely beat the most media-despised president in history, Donald Trump.”

“But for me, I feel like I’m watching a socialist version of bad grandpa hard core radical dons a fake old man costume and quickly dismantles law and order, the border, our education system, our tax system,” Gutfeld continued. “Joe is basically Che Guevara with Polident and hair plugs. No wonder Ocasio-Cortez is beaming like a kid at Christmas she is getting everything she wants. And Hannukah and Kwanzaa. So I think we’ve learned that the best way to push a dangerous agenda is to appear as the least dangerous person on earth — a befuddled grandfather who needs a GPS to find the West Wing.”