Brighten Your Teeth At Home With This Mouthpiece That Uses LED Lights To Clean

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You don’t need to go to the dentist to get a whiter smile. You can change your appearance at home just as easily thanks to the Shyn Brighter Whitening System. The Shyn system uses a mouthpiece powered by 32 LED accelerator lights that turbocharge the whitening gel, included in your purchase. The cool light technology will work hard to bring out the white in your teeth with no sensitivity.

The Shyn LED accelerator has two treatment modes, starting with the blue light mode that delivers maximum whitening results. It also has a special dual-color red-blue mode that gently whitens teeth while soothing the gums. And the great thing about the system is it works in just 10 minutes.

The whitening gel is the key. It is made from high-quality ingredients, contains no hydrogen peroxide, and is safe to use. Because of its ingredients, there is no gum irritation when applied. The removable mouthpiece insert is made with medical-grade silicone for maximum comfort and cleaning, while the gel is safe for your enamel, veneers, and other dental work. The gel is gluten-free, vegan, and made from non-GMO materials. The entire unit is waterproof, so you can whiten your teeth while you shower or bathe and not fear it getting wet.

When you purchase this whitening system, you’ll not only get the 32-LED accelerator, but three tubes of the whitening gel, a USB charging cable to keep the accelerator ready to go, and a travel case to store it all.

Normally priced at $145, the Shyn Brighter Whitening System is available now for a limited time for just $125, a savings of 13 percent. And that price is considerably less than you would pay for the dentist to do pretty much the same thing.

Prices subject to change.


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