REPORT: Members Of Caitlyn Jenner’s Family ‘Embarrassed’ By Governor Run

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Annenberg Foundation)

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Reality star Caitlyn Jenner’s family is allegedly “embarrassed” by her decision to run for governor of California.

Jenner’s three sons, Brody, Brandon and Burt, “strongly” believe that the reality star shouldn’t attempt to replace Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, according to a report published Tuesday by TMZ. Sources with direct knowledge of the matter told the outlet that Jenner called her sons the night before she publicly announced her run. The boys allegedly told Jenner she shouldn’t run and expressed concerns that she wasn’t qualified.

An update to the report claimed another source told the outlet that none of Jenner’s sons said she was unqualified and one expressed concerns about her safety. (RELATED: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Caitlyn Jenner Advice On Running For California Governor)

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is reportedly not happy with Jenner’s stance on prison reform. Jenner has been vocal about her views on prison reform and immediately shared them on social media following her announcement about running for governor.

“Gavin’s District Attorneys across California are releasing dangerous criminals back on to our streets,” Jenner tweeted Friday after sharing a news story about a released convicted felon charged with murdering a seven-month-old baby. “Enough is enough.”

Sources told TMZ that Kardashian is “disappointed” and “disturbed” by Jenner’s stance, according to the outlet.