Greg Gutfeld Says No One Cares About Crime When It Doesn’t Fit The Narrative

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that no one really cared about spikes in crime when they did not fit the preordained media narrative.

Gutfeld cited statistics indicating that New York — like a number of other major cities — had seen increases in violent crime, but that all anyone seemed interested in was police reform. (RELATED: ‘A Socialist Version Of Bad Grandpa’: Greg Gutfeld Says Joe Biden Is Giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Everything She Wants)


“I think that when you look at Tim Scott, when you look at Cory Booker and you look at Karen Bass, they are really working to try to get police reform done this time,” cohost Juan Williams began, saying that it was important for the American people to know that both police officers and criminals were being held accountable.

“Juan mentions police reform you have been talking about society reform,” cohost Jesse Watters turned the question to Gutfeld, asking what needed to be done to prevent the need for constant police confrontations.

“First off, you don’t laugh at the facts or think it’s funny that over a dozen cities have risings and murders and shootings,” Gutfeld began, citing a series of statistics about New York’s crime rate. “Felonious assault up 42%, grand larceny up 81%, murder is up 51% since 2019 and again I say hate crime is up 500% but that does not matter because the felons don’t match the mug shots that you would prefer.”

Gutfeld went on to challenge Williams directly, saying that it was important to have the correct statistics. He argued that more white unarmed suspects were killed by police than black, and Williams interrupted.

“You are trying to paint a distorted picture,” Williams objected, talking over Gutfeld.

“In 20 years do you think that you’re going to have better policing or worse policing?” Gutfeld asked, saying that the quality candidates would “read the room” and stop applying to join police forces. “Because of the ideology spewed by Juan Williams you’re going to have an even worse police force than before, but you know what? The Democrats, they don’t give two ducks. Yes, that was a spell check.”