Keep Your Shoes Free From Bacteria And Odors With This Portable Sterilizer

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Nobody wants a dirty, smelly shoe. Not you, and certainly not the people around you. You can keep your shoes deodorized and sterilized with this portable device from Gotek, which kills 99.97 percent of bacteria inside your shoes.

Using a built-in 1,800 mAh battery, the Gotek device works with a simple press of a button. It goes to work, with the ozone and negative ion molecules penetrating every part of your shoe to kill bacteria, from the kind that causes your feet to smell to the kind that leads to athlete’s foot and other medical issues.

The device doesn’t impact your shoe material in any manner, meaning there will be no dryness or damage to the material. The device comes with a charging cable, allowing you to plug it in when it’s not in use. A single charge takes 2.5 hours, but that gives you enough power to clean and deodorize your shoes up to 27 times, or about once a night for nearly a month.

The device is 2 inches wide and about 5 inches long, allowing you to place it inside your shoe and let it go to work. It takes about an hour to complete a pair of shoes. KnowTechie is among those impressed by the Gotek machine, noting its ability to revitalize your shoes and sneakers back to how you originally bought them.

There’s nothing worse than taking your shoes off after a long day at work, or your sneakers after a run or an afternoon on the tennis court. The smell tells you there’s some trouble in there, but that’s not a problem for the Gotek.

This portable deodorizer and sterilizer normally costs $99, but for a limited time, it can be yours on sale for just $96.95. And isn’t that a small price to pay to know your feet are free from bacteria?

Prices subject to change.


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