‘The US Gymnastics Team Would Be Very Proud’: Mark Meadows Says The CDC Is Scrambling To Keep Control Of People’s Lives

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Tuesday that the CDC was doing everything it could to keep control over the lives of Americans.

Meadows joined host Tammy Bruce on “Fox News Primetime” to discuss the most recent guidance from both the CDC and the White House, which indicated a number of outdoor activities in which both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people could safely engage without wearing masks. (RELATED: Mark Meadows: ‘Only Thing Consistent About Dr. Fauci Is His Inconsistency’)


Bruce began the segment by pointing out that a number of the guidelines regarding outdoor activities were the same whether people were vaccinated or not.

“The U.S. Gymnastics Team would be very proud of the high level gymnastics that are being done in the CDC in Atlanta just to justify these COVID restrictions,” Meadows replied. “There’s nothing new here. In fact, this is not based on science. It’s based on politics and it’s based on the fact that the far left wants to continue to control your life whether you are vaccinated or not.”

“I don’t know what has changed over the last year,” Bruce said, noting that people had been safely participating in outdoor activities without masks for months and that, at least in some cases, wearing masks had been more about showing respect for others than for the protection of the people wearing them.

“Wouldn’t the best thing be, Mark, to tell people go ahead and live your lives and if you want to make sure you are safe, then that means you have got to go get the vaccination?” Bruce asked.

“Well, you are exactly right. We have got approximately 200 million Americans that have already been vaccinated. They need to go back to their normal way of life,” Meadows agreed. “But, yet, the left continues to say that even in spite of you being vaccinated, you can’t go back to work, you can’t have your kids in school and you can’t go to church because they want to make sure they continue this political narrative that somehow you are safer because you have a mask on outside.”

“And when we look at this, when we look at this very closely, what you will see is it’s not based on science,” Meadows continued. “What we’re going to see is each and every at a there will be more and more new information. They say that herd immunity is a moving target. The only thing that’s moving is really the guidance that’s coming out of CDC without any facts to back it up.”

Bruce responded by saying that one of her main concerns was that the American people were listening to the guidance on unelected experts — like the head of the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci — and treating their recommendations as though they carried the weight of federal law.