Max Kellerman Goes On Bizarre Rant About Race When Talking About Justin Field’s Draft Stock

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN’s Max Kellerman recently went on a bizarre rant about race when talking about Justin Fields.

Fields’ draft stock is all over the place depending on who you ask. He could go as high as three in the eyes of some or possible as low as 32 if you ask Chris Simms. It’s the NFL draft. There’s disinformation everywhere. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Well, Kellerman said during a recent ESPN segment that Fields’ sliding down draft boards has his “antenna up” and it’s not lost on him that the first three picks in the draft very likely might all be white men.

Watch him explain his strange position below.

ESPN, which seemed to be doing much better under the leadership of Jimmy Pitaro, has been on a hell of a run this week when it comes to race and the NFL.

Kellerman is out here talking about how he can’t help but notice white guys being at the top of draft boards and The Undefeated published a piece about how the league is racist towards black quarterbacks.

I said it when The Undefeated piece ran, and I’ll say it again. The NFL is absolutely not racist towards anyone. All that matters is winning, and the four highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL are all black.

Furthermore, quarterbacks of both races have succeeded and failed in the NFL. Ryan Leaf is white and a huge bust. JaMarcuss Russell is black and was an even bigger bust.

These talks about race in the NFL seem so painfully forced that you honestly have to wonder what is motivating them.

We’ll find out Justin Fields’ new home Thursday night, and then it’s on him to prove that he belongs. The same goes for all the white guys out there. The NFL is a place where the cream rises to the top. Literally nothing else matters.