McConnell Rips Biden’s First 100 Days In Office Before Joint Session Of Congress, Lists Policy Failures

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed President Joe Biden before his joint address to Congress on Wednesday, saying Biden has failed to unite Americans.

McConnell gave a floor speech hours before Biden’s address, saying the president promised to heal and restore the country if elected, something McConnell claimed he has not done. McConnell also mentioned that Biden ran as a moderate but argued the policies he is trying to implement are far from moderate.

“Tonight, President Biden will deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress. I’ll be there. And like my fellow Kentuckians watching at home, I’ll be curious to hear how the president tries to square his rhetoric with his administration’s actions over the past 100 days. Back in January, many Americans hoped they could take the incoming president at his word,” McConnell said in his speech.

“After a year spent beating back an historic pandemic and grappling with civil unrest, President Biden pledged he would be ‘a president for all Americans,’ with plans to ‘repair,’ ‘restore’ and ‘heal.’ The American people elected a 50-50 Senate, a closely-divided House and a president who preached moderation. He promised that his ‘whole soul’ was committed to ‘uniting our people.’ Many hoped his administration would reflect that promise. But the first 100 days have left much to be desired,” McConnell continued.


“Over a few short months, the Biden administration seems to have given up on selling actual ‘unity’ in favor of catnip for their liberal base, covered with a hefty coat of false advertising,” McConnell added.

An address to a joint session of Congress is essentially the State of the Union address, however, it is not referred to as such until the president’s second year in office. Pelosi invited Biden to give the address in a letter earlier in April. (RELATED: Senate Republicans To Preempt Biden’s Address By Torching His Performance)

McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Thursday that Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott will be delivering the GOP’s address to the nation after Biden’s speech. (RELATED: McConnell, McCarthy Announce Tim Scott Will Deliver Republican Address To The Nation)

The two Republican leaders in Congress sent out a release praising Scott for his leadership in the party, saying he is one of the most “inspiring and unifying leaders” in the country.

Senate Republicans also delivered a preempt to Biden’s joint address Wednesday afternoon, slamming how he has handled his first 100 days in office.