‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Breaks History After Winning Massive Prize, Celebration Almost Interrupted By Flying Confetti

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Wheel Of Fortune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq4uJmSnys0)

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A flying ball of confetti almost ruined a history-breaking “Wheel of Fortune” moment during Tuesday night’s episode.

Contestant Laura Trammell seemingly made history by winning the biggest prize the show has ever seen, according to Fox News. Trammell entered a bonus round, where she won a home, with $23,690, Yahoo Entertainment reported. After winning the home, her total prize money reportedly equaled $398,690. (RELATED: ‘I’ve Been Trapped In A Loveless Marriage’: ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant’s Intro Busts Pat Sajak Up)

That’s an insane amount of money to win on a game show. Trammell was shocked, of course, and could barely speak. Once she won the prize, confetti shot out in celebration, but if you weren’t watching closely, you missed Vanna White being hit in the head with a ball of confetti.


Host Pat Sajak keyed everyone in on what happened after things calmed down.

“First thing, I have to tell you that, when you won, Vanna was running across the stage, and the confetti came out, and you got whacked in the head by a clump of confetti,” Sajak told Trammell.

“Thank goodness, it wasn’t my eye,” White responded.

“You could’ve put your eye out!” Sajak said.

We have to protect White at all costs. She is a national treasure and has been a part of the show for roughly 39 years at this point. If she goes down, the whole show goes down. Nobody cares about Sajak, we just tune in to watch White.