New York City Will Fully Reopen July 1, De Blasio Announces


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday morning the city would likely reopen July 1.

“Our plan is to fully reopen New York City on July 1,” De Blasio said while on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “We are ready for stores to open, for businesses to open, offices, theaters – full strength. Because look, what we’re seeing is people have gotten vaccinated in extraordinary numbers.”

De Blasio said restaurants, gyms, shops, hair salons and arenas can open at full capacity while schools would be open in the fall. Broadway would also return likely by September but De Blasio said smaller theaters would hopefully be able to open sooner.

“This is going to be the summer of New York City,” De Blasio added. “I think people are going to flock to New York City because they want to live again.” (RELATED: Restaurants In Cities With Strict Lockdown Measures Are Struggling To Recover From The Pandemic)

More than 6.3 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered at New York City facilities, according to city data. Approximately 2.4 million people have been fully vaccinated.

The city has had some of the toughest lockdown restrictions, with a group of New York City restaurant and bar owners filing a class-action lawsuit against De Blasio and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

At least 1,000 restaurants in the city have shut down since March of 2020 due to the financial downturn, according to Eater New York.